• Nema 4 Motor Starter Enclosure
  • Remote Hydraulic Valve Rack
  • HMI Touch Screen Operator Console
  • High Pressure Gas Console Tubing

OEM Products

Custom Equipment

We started manufacturing custom equipment to provide our customers with unique solutions, and have built everything from man-powered cable-spooling machines to 20,000 PSI block/bleed consoles. Our custom HPU's provide dynamic pressure control with a 1 PSI resolution, and allow real-time remote data-logging and command input via Modbus TCP/IP networking. Our experience in multiple industries provides a diverse knowledge base to deliver the solution you need.

Electrohydraulic Controls

We have kept pace with the modernization of machine controls and the advent of mechatronics, providing our customers with custom electro-hydraulic control systems either as part of our custom equipment or as stand-alone products. Our in-house team excels at delivering intuitive control interfaces to allow technicians and engineers alike simple solutions to complex problems. From SCADA systems to automated press controls, we have a system for you.